Essential Mind Training



Helping you to free yourself from self-limiting beliefs’, life challenges and prevent diseases so you can have a fulfilled life and thrive!

Cancer Coach

Feel empowered and fully equipped whilst facing your journey with cancer. Based on my own personal experience of surviving cancer, I can provide you with proven tools and support to help you manage the challenges and succeed.

Neuro Coach | Mind Trainer

From a physiological, energetic and nutritional approach, I help you explore your brain in a way so that you can activate your mind and manifest anything you want in your life.


Essential Oils Educator

Training you on a deeper understanding and use of essential oils across all aspects of your emotional, nutritional and energetic lifestyle.

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Susy shikoda


Everything is energy. Energy is sparked from your thoughts, your emotions amplify it, and your actions increases its momentum. By understanding how our brain thoughts combined with our mind expressions impact the energy we transmit, you can learn how to tap into your inner invisible, supernatural power.


My Story

Hi, my name’s Susy.  I’m a mother and a wife and I was ‘reborn’ following a long battle with cancer which kindled a complete change in career direction and in my life. 

 I became a Master in NLP (Neolinguistic Programming), and an author of “BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE” which chronicles my life overcoming my illness with life learning insights.  I’ve co-authored numerous other books in Brazil including “LÍDER EXTRAORDINÁRIO”, “O TRAINADOR” 1, and now working on my next literary project entitled, “THE ESSENTIAL 7 SENSES – HOW TO USE YOUR MIND TO LIVE, LAUGH AND LOVE” which is due out later this year.  

I teach and inspire people on how to transform the challenges of life into their asset in order to leverage and achieve absolute success.

 Currently I’m an International Speaker, Mind Trainer, certified Neuro Coach, Facilitator of Access Bars®, and a practitioner of holistic therapist using Electrons Plus™ (from the base science of PEMF-Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy) technique, and I’m a qualified Essential Oils Educator teaching “Natural Solutions” to connect through the 7 essential senses of the body, mind and the vital energy.

 While living in Hong Kong, I created the group “EMPOWERED SISTERHOOD ENTREPRENEURS” which gathers women (men are also welcome to the group too!!) internationally with the goal of guiding people to become the best version of themselves, both professionally and intellectually.

 Today, I live in the UK just outside London.

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