Hair Removal

Your skin with no hair

Feeling confident showing every part of your body without warning or a whole process to get your hair removed is just an amazing sensation of freedom, having a skin at its best at all times not only is a time saver but also an amazing boost in your self-esteem.

Suitable for any age, and skin type, Alma’s Super Hair Removal helps you remove unwanted hair from every part of your body so you feel amazing being who you are.

How hair removal affects my skin?

Hair removal is an extremely wanted procedure, and with plenty of technology around it is the after effect where our expertise and technology really makes a difference.

At Monteiro Skin Clinic we perform the procedure with Alma’s Super Hair Removal (SHR), the most Advanced Fluorescent Technology (AFT) gives us the confidence that your body hair will be effectively removed while taking care of your skin throughout the whole treatment assuring the best results not only in removing hair but also how your skin looks after the treatment is completed.

Are you skeptical about whether Super Hair Removal (SHR) would be suitable for hair type?

For us quality is everything so we invested in the most expensive AFT in the industry. Harmony XL Pro is the most innovative and award winning laser machine. With the best professionals in the industry we have the right treatment for your AFT hair removal treatment.

We ensure to deliver the best results for you, because your wellbeing is our commitment.

Summary Treatment

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    Procedure Time

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    Not required

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    Skin Types
    Most types

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    Not required

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    Not required

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    Not applicable

**These may vary from person to person, and our qualified practitioners will go through pre- and post-care with you at your first consultation.

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Hair Removal - Before & After

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