The most effective no-surgical solution for varicose veins.

When your self-esteem is at play no amount of caring is too much. Feeling confident with every aspect of your body defines part of your perspective towards life. If you feel fabulous, those around you feel it too, because you matter.

Suitable for most people, Sclerotherapy it’s a simple non-surgical procedure that injects a medecine into the vessels leaving you with smooth and clear skin.

How can I get rid of varicose veins?

The effectiveness of thread veins (also known as spider veins) treatments can largely vary depending on the procedure being used and the experience of the practitioner. Sclerotherapy is usually used to treat vein issues in your legs and by injecting a solution called a sclerosant that helps vein lining and blood clotting in issues such as:

  • Thread veins
  • Varicose Veins (Spider Veins)

From pre-consultation to aftercare our team holds your hand through all the steps making sure that the best results are achieved virtually pain-free and always professionally.

Is Sclerotherapy suitable for your vascular lesions?

Sclerotherapy aims to destroy visible and/or painful varicose veins, rerouting the blood to healthier veins. By injecting sclerosant in a foam state into the veins affected these will cause them to collapse which in turn will be absorbed and fade within a few weeks. However at Monteiro Skin Clinic, we also offer other varicose and thread veins such as Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT), and you will be advised by our practitioner which is the best option for your condition.

You ensure to deliver the best results for you, because your wellbeing is our commitment.



Procedure Time
Approx. 40 mins
Compression stockings or bandages
Not Required
Not Required
Skin Types
Most types
Vary on Tolerance


Prior to this treatment, a free consultation is required to discuss certain personal, medical & lifestyle questions to assess suitability of treatment and price.

1 Session

£ 130

Results may vary from person to person.


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